Our Team

The 3 founders of PortalMatch are:

Yoav Shaham :More than 35 years of experience in IT. For the past 16 years and until recently, VP of Marketing for the Formula Group, one of the largests Israeli based Information Technology companies. Vast experience in business development,  IT marketing & sales of both IT products and services. Prior to Formula, Mr. Shaham held managerial positions in other large software houses, was head of infrastructure software development for Elbit computers, was CIO of a large company with offices all over Europe and the US, was head of systems analysis department and has a background in OR and engineering.

Isaac Levy : Business manager and consultant for start-up and emerging IT companies. For the past 5 years, active in funds raising and creating partnerships for IT companies, with global players. Formerly a senior consultant for Formula with    more than 20 years of experience in IT strategic planning, project management and development of large scale management information systems. Experience includes defense, finance, telecom and other industries. Mr. Levy has good business relations with venture funds and investors from the US, Europe and Singapore.

Andrey Eisenberg : More than 20 years of experience in IT sales and marketing both in Israel and abroad. Formerly CEO of Consist Technologies, selling direct and through distributors, messaging products to customers both in Israel and Europe. Prior to Consist Mr. Eisenberg served as EVP of FCT, the software distribution arm of the Formula Group and VP Sales of SPL, Adabas/Natural and proprietary software distributor. Vast experience selling to customers in banking, telecom, defense and services sectors, DBMS products, CRM, DW, Messaging  and Expert Systems, with very good connections in Europe.

Since we started, our team grows constantly, as new team members join us. Check with us for the business development experts on our team, who match your specific needs.
Our  Team